Alorée is the first natural and organic skincare brand to use chlorophyll as a cosmetic ingredient and to prove its efficiency on the skin.

So what exactly is Chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is an active bio molecule found in all green leafy plants, it is the green pigment in the leaves and stalks. Plants use chlorophyll to trap the energy of sun light which is vital for photosynthesis to make the plants thrive and grow.

Chlorophyll can be extracted from all green plants, however Alorée only use young organic barley shoots. The barley shoots are freshly cut from the field, dried and then crushed. As pure chlorophyll is not soluble in water it must be mixed with oil, consequently the dried barley shoots are mixed with grape seed, olive or sunflower oil to form a dark green liquid. This patented extraction technology process allows Alorée to create the unique active complex Chlorophyll Hordeum Complex (C.H.C) and enables Alorée to effectively use this pure, natural and active chlorophyll ingredient in all of the skin care products.

The young organic barley shoots contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to give outstanding benefits on the skin. Nourishing and skin regenerating natural oils combined with chlorophyll creates the unique C.H.C ingredient to give a rich moisturising effect on the skin. These proven results are listed below:.

Long term moisturisation test for Nourishing Cream +73.5% after 1 hour +40.6% after 6 hours

Instant moisturising effect for the Eye Contour Gel +82.2% after 1 hour +99% after 2 hours  

Written by Ingrid Hume, Social Media for Pravera Ltd.