Chlorocosmétic, a definition

Just as photosynthesis is the essence of life ... Chlorophyll is the source of youth ...

Innovative, accessible and contemporary, Alorée's priority is to answer the needs of the modern-day woman, without leaving nature aside. 

Alorée satisfies these demands by combining natural beauty, modernity and effectiveness. Alorée is also a new vision of certified cosmetics: "casual organic skin care", which defines a confident approach that creates its own codes: a mixture of elegance and simplicity, effectiveness and honesty ...>>

Chlorocosmetique définition

Chlorocosmetics, nature's "secret of eternity" . . . for long-lasting beauty:

The bounty of nature and all nature has to offer is already common knowledge. We even believed that we had penetrated all of nature’s secrets: Essential oils, polyphenols… 
Yet, we had not grasped its most important mystery: the miraculous, eternal renewal of plant life
The rebirth of nature, day after day, is due to one phenomenon: photosynthesis. 
Life is possible thanks to the encounter between a ray of light and a tiny green molecule, called chlorophyll, which is also known as "the source of life". This microscopic particle, which is capable of capturing solar energy, is the key factor in plant respiration. 

This secret of eternity inspired Alorée to create Chlorocosmetic, beauty products rich in chlorophyll. 
Chlorophyll, which is present in all plants, is a natural oxygenating compound and a source of youth. 

Alorée has succeeded in capturing its unique properties in an exclusive, organic, active agent, C.H.C® (Chlorophyllin Hordeum Complex) from young barley shoots.



An innovative project :

Supported by the Languedoc Roussillon region, Alexandra Croce has worked on a program of Research and Development for two years with Montpellier’s University of Pharmacy to create a patented organic active agent and a unique concept around chlorophyll.