Key Ingredients

Chlorocosmétic, an exclusive and unique key ingredient

La Chlorocosmétic un ingrédient phare

The C.H.C.® Chlorophyllin Hordeum Complex, is obtained by a patented and eco-certified extraction procedure

It took nearly two years of research and development to succeed in creating the C.H.C.® 

Using this method it is possible to separate the new and organic active ingredient, C.H.C.® (Chlorophyllin Hordeum Complex) from young barley shoots and to integrate this into different formulas of the Chlorovitae range whilst maintaining it's active and stable state.

Free from organic solvent or alcohol, this extraction procedure enables the creation of an active agent rich in chlorophyll, 100% natural and organic.

Chlorophyll from young barley shoots is, for the first time, concentrated in its original active and stable form in vegetable sunflower oil without any risk of modification or degradation. 

Rich in chlorophyll, polyphenols, oligo elements (magnesium), unsaturated fatty acids (w6) and omega 3, this anti-oxidant, oxygenating photo-complex and cell metabolism booster protects the skin against free radicals that are responsible for ageing the skin..