The Range

Chlorovitae, the 1st range of anti-ageing skin care
with active chlorophyll

High-tech beauty care, innovation - the key to each formula :
• An exclusive, scientifically proven, active agent : C.H.C®, anti-oxidant, oxygenating and a cell metabolism booster.
• Silicone-free, galenical pharmacology using an easily absorbed, emulsifying complex with phospholipids, which leaves skin soft and silky.

Ingenious beauty products ...
... adapted to the demands of modern life and which make life easier for you as well as providing a great boost for your skin and general well being.
The products are not only easy to use with clear instructions, they are also rapid, multi-functional and fun…

Beauty products that respect the skin :
• Ecocert certified formulas and Cosmebio approved. 
• Paraben-free, without any listed preservatives. 
• No artificial fragrances and no allergens.
• Suitable for sensitive skin and tested under dermatological control.


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Gamme de produits Aloree